Many people also neglect their hands care, just as they do for their hair and face. They are more vulnerable to the aging process, with the skin being loose, wrinkled with age spots and gritty patches forming, despite what the hands experience from daily living.

Hands are continuously exposed to the elements while getting rough treatment and are often not shielded from the sun unlike other areas of the body. In addition to protecting it from further damage, using a hand cream in the mountain can also provide smoothing, softening and rehydration as well as toning and firming up the skin.

Hand cream is distinct from traditional lotion.

lotionIt is thicker, contains essential oils, water and often natural ingredients such as fruit, herbs, flowers are added not only for their fragrant nature but also to enrich the cream with the anti-aging and vitamin ingredients they may contain. The ingredients are kept together by emollients, which make a thick cream for nourishing and protecting the skin on the hands, providing the skin’s essential extra elasticity. Upon application the creams are purposely greasy but soak in the skin offering a delicate safe look.

There are Hypo-allergenic formulations suitable for all skin types for those who suffer from sensitive skin. The unique anti-aging formulations help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles while growing existing ones making them more appropriate for the elderly.

Exposing the hands to harsh sun conditions, creams containing SPF are required to protect the skin from sunburn and the harmful UV rays. This is very important since any skin will sustain irreparable damage from these rays. Particular consideration should be paid to the hands when exposed to harsh washing and cleaning materials ensuring they are well rinsed to avoid any traces.

Because of pros of caring for dry hands, a suitable hand cream should be applied immediately following conjunction with normal daily regime. Hand cream isn’t an expensive luxury product for your hands to gain. For daily usage, just pick the product you personally want. A smart idea is to alert about having a spare one by the kitchen sink. Since we want to think we have to put on rubber gloves before plunging our hands into hot water we often forget a hand cream in the kitchen is a reminder to rinse, dry and moisturize our hands immediately afterwards.

Note also that nothing gives away your age as well as the skin on your hands so get into the habit of giving them the care and attention they deserve each day by applying a good hand cream.