Keeping rid of unnecessary hair is a hassle that most of us have to deal with either every day or every couple of days, whether we’re a guy shaving his face or a lady removing hair from her legs or underarms. Should we not all wish a long-term solution to hair removal?

Yeah, there are a number of methods in this day and age so let’s take a look info about using the long-term hair removal method for travel.

Depilatory creams come in various forms including gels, creams, and roll-ons. The drug dissolves the hair on very dense or coarse hair but does not work well. This isn’t really a lasting solution to hair removal as the longest it’ll last is about a week. Chemicals can cause irritation in the products and dry skin.

hair removal solution

Waxing is perhaps the most commonly used form of long-term hair removal and although it typically lasts between three and eight weeks, it is, however, quite a painful process and can cause inflammation, scarring and incubated hair.

Sugaring using sugar, water, and lemon juice rather than wax is a common technique. It lasts five to six weeks, and is less susceptible to irritation.

Laser treatment is really a lasting solution for hair removal, and after a few sessions can be permanent. It’s very expensive though, so unless someone has a serious problem with excess body hair, it probably isn’t worth the money.

Electrolysis is another way to get rid of hair for the long amount of time, which involves sending an electronic pulse into the hair follicle, by a needle. It is not a permanent solution but it prevents further hair growth and is used more commonly in women on single face hairs. It can be used elsewhere but is slow and scarring can result.

A new hair removal solution is now available which is a low energy product. The skin sensor scans the skin for suitability and activates a signal for hair removal.