Excessive heat and exposure to direct sunlight dries the hair out, giving it a straw-like texture, and inhibiting its natural moisture retention ability. Additionally, sun-induced UV rays will cause your hair color to fade, while also causing rough, damaged hair and split ends.

Make sure to wear a moisturizing hair mask at least once a week to counter the effects of heat and sun exposure. Hair needs some protection from UV rays, too. For preparing hair for the humidity before a Caribbean vacation there are a variety of leave-in items with SPF. Not only do these items keep hair moisturized, they also prevent color from fading in the light.


Over the summer, months take a break from your straightener, blow dryer and curling iron and try to work with your natural texture. A beach wave or texture-enhancing spray can work wonders and make you look sexy and alluring.

Although heat is a major threat to your hair’s health, it is the moisture, which can be extremely frustrating. Dry hair soaks up moisture from any available source, including the rain. Then, the moisture can cause swelling of the strands, which creates frizz. In particular, women with thin, delicate hair can find their styles fall flat and lifeless because of the humidity. In humid weather, those with thicker hair, or curly hair, can experience unmanageable frizz.

Keep your hair type in mind for combating moisture.

If your hair falls flat during hot weather, turn to a shampoo and fine hair conditioner to avoid weighing your strands down. Using a spray at your roots to range. Just apply a dry shampoo to your roots for a midday touch up. The dry shampoo adds texture and gives a shot of strength to limp hair. Whether your hair has a tendency to frizz, defy the fuzz with a silicone serum and also know about the pros of being a hair prepared for the humidity before a Caribbean. Using a smoothing cream, or even a hand lotion dollop, if the frizz returns all day long. Be sure to use a frizz fighting gel for curls before scrunching, as this will serve as a shield against moisture.

The act of swimming in the ocean or in the pool is another summertime culprit. Salt water and/or pool chemicals will dry your hair, strip it of color, and even turn a greenish hue on the blond hairs. Hair is like a sponge and the salt and chlorine are absorbed from water.